‘Weirdly Cool’ Car System Is Like the Real Thing

“Weirdo Cool” is a term that describes a car that seems to have been built to be the real thing, like a car made for people who like to drive, not for people that don’t.It’s not something you see a lot in the mainstream automotive industry, because they’re not trying to sell cars for people.They’re…

Published by admin inJuly 23, 2021
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“Weirdo Cool” is a term that describes a car that seems to have been built to be the real thing, like a car made for people who like to drive, not for people that don’t.

It’s not something you see a lot in the mainstream automotive industry, because they’re not trying to sell cars for people.

They’re trying to make cars that are fun to drive and fun to look at.

Weirdo cool cars are just like the real deal.

They don’t have to be expensive, or have fancy graphics, or be very fast or fancy.

They just have to look cool, which is what makes them weird.

We’ve seen a lot of weirdo cool car systems, and the only one I can think of is the Porsche 911 Turbo.

We talked about this in our review of the Porsche 991 Carrera S. There’s a car out there that looks like a 911, except it’s a 991 and it’s all black.

It has an incredibly low center of gravity, which makes the car look like it’s floating.

It feels like a very high-end Porsche 911.

It looks like it has a really big engine.

It even has a very nice interior.

The 911 Turbo has the same thing going on with it.

It makes you think of a Porsche 997 Carrera Turbo.

That is, it looks like the 997, but with a big turbocharged engine, and a huge rear wing.

It seems like the 911 is an extremely unique car, and people love to look and talk about it, but they’re afraid to drive it.

In many ways, the 911 Turbo is the real Porsche.

But this thing is so bizarre.

This thing has so many parts that you’d never guess it has any real history.

It was built by Porsche for Porsche, not anyone else.

It doesn’t have any Porsche badges on it.

No nameplate.

It is just like a Porsche, except without a turbocharged car, it doesn’t sound anything like the Porsche.

The engine in the Turbo is actually made by Porsche, and that turbocharged Turbo has a huge diffuser, a large exhaust system, and it sounds like it should be a 911.

The car looks like one.

I guess that’s weird, because this is what the 911 has become.

If the Porsche had been built by anyone else, it would have been a Porsche 911, but the Turbo engine was built to look like a Cayenne.

Porsche had a lot to do with the 911, and Porsche has been trying to change the image of the 911 for years, which was the first time they tried something different.

They even changed the name of the car to 911 Turbo to help people associate it with their new 911 Turbo S. It just sounds weird.

They made a big deal about this car, which the whole world saw as a weird car.

But it is not a 911 Turbo, and if you look at the Porsche’s official website, you’ll see it’s the 911 with a Turbo Engine, a huge, long rear wing, and an engine that’s twice as powerful as a Porsche’s.

But people are still scared to drive the 911 because it’s so different.

There are so many Porsche parts that are in this thing that you have to guess what it looks to be.

When you look inside the Porsche, it just looks like any Porsche.

There is a Porsche badge on the side, but if you drive the car, you will see there’s a Porsche logo, which looks like an upside-down pyramid.

And the car itself is the same shape as the Porsche and the 993.

It also has a large black door that looks almost like a Ferrari F430.

This is the car with the biggest turbocharged engines in the world, and I’m talking about the 911.

But what makes this weird is that the Turbo Engine is a huge part of the whole 911.

You have a large engine, but it has no way to move forward or backward.

When the engine is going, it will just roll forward and backward, like this.

It won’t spin.

It will just sit there like this, with no torque.

You’ll drive this car to get anywhere and it will look like nothing but an F430, with a huge turbo.

The way that the 911 looks, the whole Porsche looks like this thing.

It could just be a regular 911, with all the standard features.

But there’s something going on inside this car that people are afraid to look in, and they don’t want to drive.

The whole reason for this is because the 911 was created in the 1970s, when Porsche started making 911s for the masses.

They wanted to make a car people would love to drive for their children, so they went to Porsche and told them what they wanted.

So they built a car for the people, and this is how the 911 came to be known as the 911 that people know

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