How to avoid ‘fake news’ on Facebook, Google, Twitter: The truth

The real problem here is that the mainstream media has been telling people that they have to be politically correct, because if you aren’t, you’re just an ignorant racist.But we are a country that has a history of letting this sort of stuff slide because it was easy to get away with it in the…

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The real problem here is that the mainstream media has been telling people that they have to be politically correct, because if you aren’t, you’re just an ignorant racist.

But we are a country that has a history of letting this sort of stuff slide because it was easy to get away with it in the past, because the mainstream news media could never get away from its obsession with identity politics.

Now that the alt-right has gained a reputation for being a white supremacist movement with a white ethno-nationalist agenda, we can all see why the mainstream press is so desperate to paint them as “just another hate group”.

The media, however, is no longer willing to report that alt-righters are merely people with differing opinions who disagree with each other and are therefore simply making up stories about each other.

Instead, the media has started focusing on the “other”, which means white supremacists.

This is exactly what happened to the white nationalist leader Richard Spencer, who was attacked by neo-Nazis at a neo-Nazi rally in Charlottesville in August, after Spencer and other white nationalists chanted “Blood and soil”, a Nazi rallying cry.

At the time, it was reported that Spencer had been in a car with three white nationalists when they were attacked.

Spencer was later arrested and charged with two counts of hate crimes.

It is a little known fact that Spencer and the other white supremacists had been discussing whether they should “reclaim” the statue of Robert E Lee from the city of Charlottesville.

Spencer is a staunch supporter of the alt right, who have long campaigned to reclaim statues of Robert Lee and other Confederate figures, as well as a number of other Confederate statues across the US.

A number of alt-left protesters were also arrested after they tried to march to Charlottesville in July, as part of a protest against the city’s Confederate monuments.

The alt-Left protesters were arrested after chanting “Death to the KKK”, and “Bloody monuments are for white people”.

Spencer has been accused of making up alt-Right and neo-fascist claims, including when he said that white supremacists “must be stopped”.

But he has also been accused by the alt Right of lying about the existence of alt right groups and inciting white nationalists.

Spencer has denied making up claims of white supremacy.

“I have no intention of going back to any kind of racist ideology.

It’s not my style.

I’m just not that person,” he said in an interview with the Washington Post last year.

“There are some alt right people who are neo-nazi, some alt left people who do that, and I have nothing against neo-fascism.

I’ve never done that.

I don’t support it.”

Spencer is not the only alt-lite to have faced threats and violence from the alt left.

There have been dozens of alt lite leaders and members of the Alt Right who have been targeted by far-right groups and individuals, including the members of Identity Evropa and Stormfront.

The far-Right groups have used alt-lites as their propaganda outlets, and the alt lites are also a major target for alt-rights, who are attempting to portray them as racists.

The mainstream media is also attempting to push the alt lovelies as “hate groups” and “terrorists”.

In an attempt to get more of the mainstream public to accept alt lytis claims of hate, The New York Times and The Washington Post have been promoting the alt liars as “alt-right terrorists” and have used videos from alt-Lite leaders to make their claims.

And now the mainstream mainstream media and alt liticists are trying to use the alt lies to justify their own actions.

In an article published on Monday by the Wall Street Journal, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio said the alt truth has a “strong claim to legitimacy”.

The article is titled: The alt truth: Why the alt lie is spreading.

The article goes on to cite the example of a “alt lite” that was convicted of murder after he attacked a group of people on the Brooklyn Bridge.

The Times article describes the alt “truth” as “a mix of white supremacist, anti-Semitic, anti-“Muslim, anti-[Jewish] political rhetoric, conspiracy theories, and hate speech”.

In other words, alt lies are a way for the alt wing of the white supremacist and neo-“fascist movement to say, “This is the truth and we can talk about it”.

The alt lies also serve as propaganda for the Alt Lite movement, who call themselves the “true” alt-liters.

They also use the Alt Truth to attack anyone who is not a white nationalist or alt-wing sympathizer.

For instance, the Alt Liters say that the “alt truth” is the result of “hate speech”.

The Alt Lite also says that the Alt Lies are part of the “fake news” that has become “a major source of misinformation”.

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