What is a judge? – and how do they work?

What is the bench?– which comprises of judges who hear criminal cases, judges who rule on family law matters and judges who decide on bail matters.It is comprised of people from across the country, from all walks of life, with the youngest being 17 years old.The bench is usually made up of a judge and…

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What is the bench?

– which comprises of judges who hear criminal cases, judges who rule on family law matters and judges who decide on bail matters.

It is comprised of people from across the country, from all walks of life, with the youngest being 17 years old.

The bench is usually made up of a judge and his or her assistant.

The judge appoints the bench’s members.

Judges in the bench have no voting rights, so they can only vote with their own hands.

They have the power to order hearings, including a trial.

They can impose fines and imprisonment and can even refuse to release an accused.

Some judges are elected by a citizen’s vote, while others are appointed by the prime minister.

The government has set aside $100 million in a fund for judges to appoint new bench members and the government says there is no need for an election.

What does the new bench do?

– In the new system, judges are nominated by the government and appointed by a federal court.

The prime minister appoints and chairs the court, which is then headed by a chief justice.

The judges who sit on the bench can also decide whether to hear or dismiss a case, which can also have a direct impact on the criminal justice system.

The new bench has the power, however, to order trials.

What happens next?

– If the court decides to hear the case, the case goes to the Supreme Court for a hearing, and if the court agrees to hear it, the court can also issue a preliminary injunction, which gives the government a deadline to bring in a bail agreement.

If the case fails to reach the Supreme and Supreme Court, the government will be required to bring a bail arrangement to the court.

How does the court decide who is in the court?

– The bench consists of a chief judge, a vice-chairman, two junior judges, a senior judge, an assistant judge and two independent judges.

The court has the final say on the cases it hears, including the possibility to take a stay order or decide whether or not to release a person from custody.

There is no limit on the number of cases a judge can hear, though, and the bench is allowed to hear cases from a broad range of people including aboriginal people, victims of crime and victims of violence.

How are the bail conditions in place?

– People who have been charged with a crime will be taken to the courthouse for a bail hearing, where they will be interviewed by a lawyer and then given a choice of whether they want to appear in court or have bail set aside.

Those who choose to appear, and for whom the court has not set bail, will have to go through a pre-trial conference to negotiate a bail amount.

The bail amount must be agreed upon between the government of the day and the person being held in custody.

For some people, like those in the public interest, the bail amount is not sufficient to cover their legal fees and they may have to have the court set aside the bail.

How is the justice system working?

– Judges who are appointed to the bench are expected to uphold the law and ensure that the system is fair.

They are also expected to protect the rights of the accused and victims, and to do the right thing when dealing with the public.

How long does a person have to wait before a bail application is heard?

– Before a bail order can be approved, a person must wait a minimum of two years before an application is considered.

If there is an appeal, the appeal is considered and the judge will hear the appeal.

When a person has been charged or convicted, they may appeal to the Ontario Court of Appeal.

Can people who have already been charged and convicted appeal against bail?

– Yes, the Supreme Judicial Council (SJC) of Ontario, which advises the court on bail cases, has the authority to grant bail.

But there is a limit to how long a person can wait before an appeal can be heard.

People who are charged and have already pleaded guilty, and have a previous conviction, can appeal to a Superior Court judge, who can decide if the appeal should go ahead.

How do the court decisions in cases of bail relate to the bail system in Ontario?

– Currently, there are two types of bail orders: the first is an application for bail, where a person is allowed a bail period of up to a year.

The second type of bail is a conditional order, where the person is only required to post a bond.

What about people who do not have bail?

How do they get bail?

A person who is charged with an offence has the right to have their case heard by a judge in person or in writing.

They will then be given a deadline, at which time they will have 10 days to decide whether they will attend court or do not attend.

If they do not, the judge can order them to post bail. Can

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