What’s in a name? It’s a big deal in Canada’s health system

The first names of people, places and services in Canada are becoming more and more important.The names of doctors, hospitals and schools are getting a lot more prominent.And there are a lot of new names.Some of those names are quite obvious.They include: doctor, nurse, pharmacist, pharma, pharmak, doctor’s office, health centre, health care provider, hospital,…

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The first names of people, places and services in Canada are becoming more and more important.

The names of doctors, hospitals and schools are getting a lot more prominent.

And there are a lot of new names.

Some of those names are quite obvious.

They include: doctor, nurse, pharmacist, pharma, pharmak, doctor’s office, health centre, health care provider, hospital, physician, dentist, dentist, dentist office, doctor, dentist clinic, dentistry, dentists office, dental services, dental hygienist, denturist, dental assistant, dentist assistant clinic, dentist technician, dentist dentist, dental student, dental nurse, dentist’s office and many more.

There are also many more hidden names and acronyms, such as: hospital pharmacy, dental clinic, dental hygiene service, dental school, dental pharmacy, dentist practitioner, dentist services, dentist care, dentist service, dentist shop, dental lab, dentist lab technician, dental medical office, dentontist, medical office and more.

These new names have become more common in Canada because the government has set the new names for the new health systems for the next four years.

The change to the names of the health systems is expected to save taxpayers $30 billion.

The new names are also being used in health marketing campaigns to attract people to health care services.

For example, one health care brand called Smile for You launched a campaign in 2014 in which they advertised that you could have a smile if you buy Smile for Health and Smile for Kids health products.

People who bought those products could see the smiles on their bank statements, say a health spokesperson.

People can also see those smiles when they use Smile for Your Health to help them reduce their cholesterol.

The health system’s new names and more acronyme help people find the health care they need, said Dr. Susanne Hulick, director of health systems research at the Canadian Institutes of Health Research.

“They are very descriptive and they are very clear and they have the right kind of context,” said Hulok.

In other words, when you buy a product like Smile for Cancer or Smile for Heart, you know what it’s about.

That context makes people more likely to take a risk when they shop for health care.

That’s what’s going to happen if they use these new names, said Huleck.

“The people that are going to pay attention, the people that will see those names and know what they mean, they are the people who are going get health care,” she said.

But not all Canadians are embracing the change.

In fact, some Canadians say the new name change could be a bad thing for their health.

“I don’t like the name change because it makes it harder to find a health care facility that’s good for me,” said Dr theo Gagnon.

Theo Gignon is a family doctor in Winnipeg.

He says the name changes will make it harder for people to access health care and make it more difficult to make decisions.

Dr. Hulink says health care needs to be more accessible to all Canadians.

“If we can’t provide a level playing field and make sure that we’re not making it too hard for people and make the decision to go to a doctor who can do that, then that’s a problem,” she added.

The change to names is not going to affect anyone in the health system.

It’s just about the system, said Health Minister Rona Ambrose.

“People in the system are going out and they’re going to look at their records and they’ll look at all the names that they have and they will choose the person that is more likely and most appropriate for that person to get health,” said Ambrose.

The Health Department is working to get the names out.

They have a website that will be available online soon that will allow people to add names.

The department is also working with other organizations to make sure new names stay in the public health lexicon.

“There’s a new approach to the naming of the systems, so people can just go online and they can add their name and they do so easily,” said Ambrose.

If you would like to report a typo, or if you have any questions about the new system or the names, contact the health department at 1-800-665-3300 or health.gc.ca/health/health-nomenclature.htm.

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